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El LADRÓN Original Wood Panel

  • El LADRÓN Original Wood Panel

As a member of the Mobile Defense Unit (MDU), Ladron has first hand knowledge of FEAST CORP’s inner workings. He was the rising star, people were starting to take notice. The problem? Ladron didn’t join FEAST CORP for mere acknowledgement. He joined because he has a mission and FEAST is a stepping stone. However, a secret uncovered accidentally in a FEAST lab, has Ladron running.

Desperate for money and with something to offer, Ladron seeks out BlizzardBeast and Special K. They have a choice to make: can they trust Ladron? No one truly knows where his loyalties lie.
After all, Ladron is Spanish for Thief.
Acrylic 11x14 inch x 3/4 inch birch wood painting. 💀💎🔋

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