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The FeastCorps Squad Unit 13 is lead by SUB1. Unit 13 consists of skilled foot soldiers known as the DiamondTrooopers. A crew you don't want to cross paths with.

Their goal is easy. Provide fuel in the form of energy to its clients.

This title places SUB1 as a Controller at FeastCorp. A spot he earned for changing FeastCorps future.

FeastLife story coming soon...

Each piece is a 3.5 inch pressurized polyurethane figure hand painted with high grade acrylic paint and varnished to preserve the finish. Do to each pieces uniqueness there may be some subtle differences in the paint application.

Edition of 13 signed and numbered figures

Accessories include removable crown and magnetic BeastSlayer Blade!

Painting SUB1 YouTube video coming soon!


*By placing a order you understand that each art piece is hand crafted and painted by Frank Montano. Meaning they take time to finish along with all the other projects going on. Please have patients.

Shipping through USPS as first class mail Domestic and International. For other services contact FeastStudio.


Thank you for your support the Feast Squad!